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We offer a totally new way of borrowing

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Our pride is offering a professional service that you can ever think of. Our service proposition starts from the moment we first speak to a client, the moment we first contact a client, or the moment we first meet a client. We will hold your hand from start to finish and assist wherever possible, no matter what the issue.

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Our professional and team of expertise can cater for all types of financial circumstances. Whether you’re investing in a business or investment property, refinancing or consolidating your existing loans, or even purchasing a new car, we will help you secure the very best deal.

Libertylservice mission is to expand access to credit and lower the cost of borrowing for the millions of people that traditional banks are typically unable to serve. Everything we do we do for people!

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We offer a totally new way of borrowing

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We offer a totally new way of borrowing
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We offer a totally new way of borrowing

Fair Interest

Depending on the source of your funding, risk involved in the loan, collateral, term of the loan, loan amount, additional sources of income, credit score, and your business plan, you might expect to pay between a 6% and 25% interest rate…

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We are

If you’re worried about getting a loan, fear not and feel comfortable to choose Libertylservice , we are well-known highly experienced lenders that are overseen and regulated by governmental agencies.

How it works?

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The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is often confused with the interest rate; however, the APR actually accounts for the total cost of the loan, including any one-time fees. We offers the best price APR.

How it works?